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Hi everyone! How are you doing? Meow :3 

Looks like I haven't been here for a really long time. So I want to share with you what is going on if you are interested of course.

First of all, I want to say big thanks to all for support, warm messages and birthday wishes I didn’t have chance to answer them, because of deadlines, so hope you forgive me and also if you have unanswered emails than I think I missed them in a bunch of spam which happened because my absence So, if they are relevant please resend your emails and notes. Thank you!

Well, the past few years were busy, I worked as a 3d animator for several Russian projects and it was an amazing time, sadly I can’t show you anything because of responsibility for non-disclosure and even more, I can’t share my demo reel. That makes me really sad, although tons of great material was produced by our teams.
I don't know if it's only me, but when I worked at a studio I was so involved in a project that I didn't have energy for art at all. Now, I am trying to figure out how to optimize everything and I have decided to work as a freelancer for some time, I hope it could help me to do personal stuff and develop my reel, and also I'm learning how to be disciplined when working from home ha-ha.

One of the most important news is that I got a new last name because I got married. So my last name is Titagina now :). I think I need to correct my accounts and captions.
Also, I am thinking about streaming! And I want to try to speak English with you even if my level isn't high, I think it could be funny. I will let you know when I do.
The last thing, I finally created Instagram's account, yeah I am slowpoke. Here is the link (with the new last name of course)…

Also, my last email works, but it is spammed and I can't guarantee that I will answer you, so please use the new email, I created it especially for your letters.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, have a nice week!

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Oh my God, is this real? I can't believe that Square Enix has finally showed it!!! just years of waiting but I think it's worth it! aah, happy :la:
I think I would never do it by myself so big thanks to =MRFarts who made a free livewallpaper for android with one of my painting, you can check it here…
The 1 January is already here, so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Here is really cool music video… hehe =).

Thanks for the birthday greetings! I am so touched, thank you for your wishes! :heart:
This year I'm trying to concentrate on a diploma project. It will be a small animated film. I do not have much time, so I'm not sure I can do it at a high level, but I'll try! =D

I hope you guys enjoy your holidays and have a lot of fun!

:rudolph: :dummy:
just want something to share ^^  … "The king and the Beaver". Student graduating film 2010 at Gobelins. Epic fun!…;"Out of Sight"  made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts. most amazing movie. - the most cutest flash games ever!

something useful… (youtube) - How To Draw In Your Sketchbook… I See Color - A Tutorial by purplekecleon… - tutorials by AquaSixio
Million-million-million thanks to :iconreynarok:  who gave me the subscription! ^^!!! Wow you are so kind! :heart: My vocabular is  too small that would describe how grateful I am. :blowkiss:

Several days ago I received permission from the DA to add a video to my gallery. I thought about what to add here my animation with Bob…. Will be correct the double-post? I just do not want to force people to watch it and add to fav twice. But on the other side of the video is much better than just a picture with a link. I do not know what to do(((.

I got a million requests to do a tutorial so I think I'll try to do what I can. Maybe you have some special questions that interest you? This could be a great help to me =).

and those people who ask about commissions, I'm not available for this, at least this year, so please do not waste your time on me, I'll let you know when I will be able to make commission.
(but I will do for those people who promised soon;))

Take care everyone, and thanks for read :hug:
WOW! Thank you so much :icondani-the-naiad: for suggesting and :iconrydi1689: for featuring! :heart:

Oh guys, this is so big honor for me!I have no words how I am grateful to you!
I want to say thanks to all of you who gave attention to this fan art. I so appreciate it!
And thanks for the llama! They'll be returning soon.

hugs! :heart:


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Oooooh, finally I can forget about those long and painful examinations. Now all days just to paint, draw and learn animation! Yes!
and I so long not updated my DA page! New updates will be very soon, I promise! I have a lot of things that I want to show you, but it will be in about 2 weeks because a few hours later I'm leaving to sea with my family, to relax a bit and to draw a lot!in those 2 weeks I will not have internet, so if you have questions, I will answer when I come back home. And many many thanks for your support, it is so much to me!:heart: twitter!!! of course I will be very glad to meet you here^^

So see you later again, I hope you have a very good time!
Take care everyone :heart: :hug:


p.s. sorry if my English is bad.
Hi! How are you doing?
I just want to update my poor journal and say some things.

Firstly If you still have not seen "How to Train Your Dragon", you should immediately see it! This is not a usual work from Dreamworks it is something much more! The film IS so charming and sincere. It will win your heart!  I watched it twice and I want more!!! I wait for Dvd now, it will be released only in November. Argh... I am sure that the wait will be sheer torture for me.
Just do not miss it. This is indeed worthy of your attention.

Lately I was very very busy working on illustrations for children book. This is job of my dream! I think I'll work for about a month, so I will not be able to appear here very often. But I have a lot of plans! When I finish my work, I plan to continue to create my short 3d animation with this character… , to draw some new illustrations and to continue some of my series. I'm also going to study oil painting. All wips and progress of my works will be in my blog All this will be the summer, I feel that the summer would be crazy, heh

Okay, now the main reason why I created this journal. I received many requests to show good links with the tutorials, so here are the best that I could find: - great blog to study very many things; - there a lot wips;
analyticalfiguresp08.blogspot.… - blog of the study of anatomy. How it draw; - If you can not find the right pose for your character, look at here!… - Good books on anatomy;… - channel on youtube. Useful quick drawings with comments;… - absolutely amazing and very useful channel on youtube. It has many basic conditions of painting; - making of from many artists;… - This man does amazing  tutorials.
photoshop-tutorials.deviantart… - tons of tutorials from the DA - a lot of interesting things - tutorials from Katherine Dinger - about hands;… - tutorials from Linda Bergkvist…,…,…,… - several cool videos.
Hope it will be useful.

In the end I would like to introduce you to some people:
~K-E-F-I-R - Kristina. My dear and lovely sister. She is my best critic.
~anthelie - Anna. My good and talented friend in real life.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Sorry if my English is bad.
now back to work.
Take care :heart:
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Hello, everyone!
I must say I was not very active on DA lately, just because my internet is not working, actually it works sometimes but very bad. I can't answer your comments and I don't know how long it will last, very sorry. Anyway, I'm working on my animations and I hope that I can upload one of them in December.

...and thank you for your comments and favs, very much appreciate it.

Good luck! :heart:
I do not have words to describe the feelings! When I have seen my work in Daily Deviations I have been shocked and then I wanted to jump! It was very big surprise! I so am grateful to you! I wish to hug all of you!!!!

I have taken great pleasure reading your comments. Oh, how many remarkable and interesting people here! Maybe this is crazy, but I will try to answer all your comments! Of Course i cannot answer all comments at once, it will be gradually 8-)

Oh, I can't still believe in it! Thank you! :heart:

And especial thanks to :iconatramina: for suggesting me and to :iconarchann: for featuring. You are just amazing :heart:

sorry if my English is bad.